Application configuration for OAM Integration

When you use the Oracle Access Manager Identity Asserter, all web.xml files in the application EAR file must specify CLIENT-CERT in the element auth-method for the appropriate realm.

You can add comma separated values here when you want applications accessed directly over the WebLogic Server host:port to be authenticated by the container. For instance:


The auth-method can use BASIC, FORM, or CLIENT-CERT values. While these look like similar values in Oracle Access Manager, the auth-method specified in web.xml files are used by Oracle WebLogic Server (not Oracle Access Manager).

To specify authentication in web.xml for the Identity Asserter

  1. Locate the web.xml file in the application EAR file:
  2. Locate the auth-method in login-config and enter CLIENT-CERT.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Redeploy and restart the application.
  5. Repeat for each web.xml file in the application EAR file.

Configuration on WebCenter Server

addOAMSSOProvider(loginuri="/${app.context}/adfAuthentication", logouturi="/oamsso/logout.html", autologinuri="/obrar.cgi")


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