Cannot login to owc_discussion after installation

Multiple time we have faced issue that we are not able to login to discussion server admin after completion of installation and completion.

This could happen cos the LDAP is not configured properly in owc_discussion server.

Following are the steps to change or update the LDAP configuration in discussion server.

Step 1. Enabling Discussions Setup

  1. Stop WC_Collaboration managed server (MS)
  2. Change <setup>true</setup> entry to false on
<WebCenter-Domain-Home>\ config\fmwconfig\servers\WC_Collaboration\owc_discussions\jive_startup.xml.
<!-- When setup is false, you can access the setup tool. -->
<!-- Database settings -->
  1. Start WC_Collaboration MS

Step 2. Running Discussions Setup Screen

  1. Log in to the Discussions Server Administration Console at:
  2. On the Installation Checklist page, click Continue.
  3. On the Database Settings page, choose JNDI Datasource, and click Continue.
  4. Enter jdbc/OWC_DiscussionsDS in the JNDI Datasource Name field and click Continue.
  5. For User, Group and Authentication Systems, select LDAP and click Contrinue.
  6. Enter the following values for the embedded LDAP system and click Continue.
    LDAP Host : localhost LDAP Port: 7001 Base DN: ou=people,ou=myrealm,dc=wc_domain Admin DN: cn=Admin Admin Password: <Password of embedded LDAP>
  7.   For Admin Account Setup, enter the user name (i.e. weblogic)of the user for the Discussions (Jive) administrator.


You can now log in to Oracle Discussions with any user available in the embedded LDAP server.
You can log in to the Oracle Discussions Admin Console at: http://localhost:8890/owc_discussions/admin (use weblogic/<password>)

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