How do you hide the format override field on the check-in page for some users using Profiles and Rules?

Create a Profile Rule using a “rule activation condition” with a defined Side Effect per the below

  1. Open the Configuration Manager admin applet.
  2. Select the Rules tab.
  3. Select the Add button.
  4. Enter a desired name and description.
  5. Select the check-box for “Is global rule with priority” and set its desired priority number.
  6. Select the check-box for “Use rule activation condition”.
  7. Select the Edit button.
  8. Add a condition with a desired name (ex. “1”).
  9. Select from the condition’s General tab, the checkboxes for Use action of “Check in New” and “Check in Selected”.
  10. Select from the condition’s Clauses tab, Field of “Type”, Operator of “Matches”, and Value of
    “<desired dDocType>”.
  11. Select from the Clauses tab, the Add button.
  12. Enter from the condition’s Side Effects tab, paste the following. The conditional statement can be any of the IDOC security checks: userHasRole, userHasAccessToAccount, or userHasGroupPrivilege,or other function suitable for the purpose. This example allows only users with the admin role to set the override format.
    <$if not userHasRole("admin")$>
  13. Select the Side Effect’s tab OK button.
  14. Select the Rule’s OK button.

Content Presenter UCM content search is not working

Problem Description : Search feature is not working in content presenter.

We have created a portal application with content presenter.

UCM connection is working fine. For the content Presenter, but after we create web content, we are unable to get it in the Search Results. The content is in a contribution folder in UCM. If we expand the VCR Content repository, and navigate the folders, we can get to the content. But typing the content ID OR title in the search box and searching does not return the content.

The content is searchable on UCM but only the search in Content Presenter is not returning results.

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