Content Presenter UCM content search is not working

Problem Description : Search feature is not working in content presenter.

We have created a portal application with content presenter.

UCM connection is working fine. For the content Presenter, but after we create web content, we are unable to get it in the Search Results. The content is in a contribution folder in UCM. If we expand the VCR Content repository, and navigate the folders, we can get to the content. But typing the content ID OR title in the search box and searching does not return the content.

The content is searchable on UCM but only the search in Content Presenter is not returning results.

Please follow the steps below to reproduce the scenario:

1) Login with weblogic.
2) Go to the page to be edited.
3) Press Ctrl + Shift + E.
4) Add a Content Presenter.
5) Click on the edit icon of Content Presenter.
6) Click on Select Content.
7) Click on Browse.
8) Enter an ID in the search box and clicks enter.

Search does not return any results


This is a problem was resolved by the suggestion by Oracle Support to follow Follow Note 1326427.1 – Basic/Advanced Search in Oracle Webcenter Spaces/Portal Not Returns Any Documents in Taskflows – UCM SearchIndexerEngineName = DATABASE.METADATA

I configured DATABASE.FULLTEXT in ucm and it worked for me.

Below is the solution section from the document.

Change the UCM configuration to use one of these two options:
1. Configure DATABASE.FULLTEXT in UCM – see the UCM documentation on this, including the following note:
Note:844808.1 – Switching from Verity to DATABASE.FULLTEXT

2. Configure Oracle Text Search as described in this document:
Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite, Section 5.3 Configuring Oracle Text Search for Oracle Content Server &

Add onto:


Restart UCM and WebCenter Spaces (or changes may not be picked up).

And within UCM (Content Server)
-> Login
-> Administration > Admin Applets
-> Repository Manager > Indexer tab – click the Start button
Example from Content Presenter taskflow (post one of the above options)

-> It did return the ucm_search.JPG image.

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