New and Deprecated Terminology for 12c

New and Deprecated Terminology for 12c

Terminology Used in 11g Terminology Used in 12c
Middleware homeMW_HOMEIn 11g the Middleware home is a container for the Oracle WebLogic Server home, and, optionally, one Oracle Common home and one or more Oracle homes.This term is eliminated in 12c. Oracle homeORACLE_HOMEThe Oracle home that is created for all the Oracle Fusion Middleware products on a host computer. It includes binary and library files, the Oracle common directory and the individual product directories for each Oracle Fusion Middleware product you install.
Oracle homePRODUCT_ORACLE_HOME Product directoryPRODUCT_DIRThe product directories within the Middleware home are no longer Oracle homes. They are simply directories within the Oracle home that are created for all the Oracle Fusion Middleware products. Most Oracle Fusion Middleware components should be installed in the same Oracle home. The names of the product homes are predefined and can no longer be modified by the user during the installation.
Oracle instanceThis term is eliminated in 12c. The installer will no longer create a separate instance directory for system components, such as Oracle HTTP Server. Instead, you can use the Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard to configure your system components, just as you do for Java components. Instance information about each system component will be stored in the domain home.
Oracle Fusion Middleware farmThis term is eliminated in 12c. The term “farm” is no longer necessary for 12c. It was used in 11g to refer to a container for a WLS domain and its associated system component instances when presented in Fusion Middleware Control.

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