UCM configuration in enterprise manager

For our portal application to work with UCM, I had done the following configuration:

  1. Set the ip filters
  2. Set the http address of the web server
  3. Set the Intradoc Server port

This can be done from the enterprise manager as well as from the configuration file. I prefer to do this changes from the enterprise manager.

  1. Open Enterprise Manager: http://test.3disystems.com/em
  2. Login with weblogic User
  3. From left navigation, expand and select Content Server as shown belowLeft Navigation
  4. From the UCM menu on top in the right page select configuration
  5. Update the information on the configuration screen as shown below
    – http address is web address configured for the content server in the web server.
    – IP Address filters are the ip address from where the content server will be allowed to be accessed
  6. Restart content server

This configuration will be sufficient and should work.

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