Webcenter Portal/UCM session time-out

UCM session terminates/times-out when we open webcenter portal application and UCM in one browser and when both ucm and portal application use the same domainname.

This is one of the strange problems that i faced during out project.  The solution described below applies to 2 problems below

I had configured the portal application and the UCM on the http server to use the same domain which is http://test.3disystems.com/portal and http://test.3disystems.com/cs.

Problem 1: ucm login times out immediately upon opening the portal application

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In the browser window, open http://test.3disystems.com/cs and login to the content server.
  2. Now in another tab of the same browser open  http://test.3disystems.com/portal.
  3. go to the tab where the content server is open in logged-in state and refresh the page, the browser will redirect to the login page.

Problem 2: We get session time out message, when you edit content on the portal.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the portal application and login to the portal with weblogic user or a valid user with who has contributor role.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+E or Ctrl+Shift+C to enter editing mode.
  3. Press the edit icon. This will open the ucm login screen if not already logged into UCM.
  4. Edit the content and press save and close.
  5. A session expire message comes up.
  6. The user will be logged-out of the portal application.

Even if the application shows the session expiry message, the content is saved in UCM.


I logged a Support Request with Oracle Support, to get a solution and the SR was acknowledged as a Bug 12768279 – SESSION EXPIRES WHEN SSXA SITE AND UCM FROM SAME DOMAIN IS ACCESSED.
To resolve this issue, I separated the domain names that were used to access the portal and the content server.

The following stuff was edited:

  1. Create new dns entries for the domains
    • test.3disystems.com for portal. So the portal could be accessed using http://test.3disystems.com/portal
    • testcs.3disystems.com for content server. So the content server could be accessed using http://testcs.3disystems.com/cs
  2. Update the httpd.conf file on the web server
    The setting are explained in the blog httpd.conf configuration for Webcenter
  3. Update the UCM configuration in enterprise manager
    This is explained in the blog UCM Configuration in Enterprise Manager

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